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Apoc LED Light Bar Roof Mounts

Apoc Industries has spent many hours of R&D  designing strong, and sleek looking LED light bar roof mounts. All our light bar roof mounts are designed to be used with a curved light bar, by using curved light bars Apoc roof mounts fit extremely low and snug to the roofline. Being so low profile we have been able to reduce wind noise and vibrations that plague other companies roof mounts. 

The difference between us and cheap imitations

All Apoc LED light bar roof mounts are cut using a CNC Laser table, Allowing us to repeat the exact product every time with perfection. All bends are bent using a CNC press brake to make every bend smooth and spot on. Our roof mounts are made using 1/8" steel which reduces vibrations from the heavy light bars they must hold. Many other companies cut cost by using a much thinner metal which is going to cause the light to vibrate, which can cause the mounting points to work loose causing a water leak or damage to vehicle. Apoc uses Nutserts (Riv Nuts) and stainless steel button head bolts, our designers choose this method of mounting because of the strength of the nutserts and capability of being able to retighten the bolts if they where to come loose. Other roof mount manufacturers use regular rivets which will work loose over time in that case all you can do is drill the rivet out and install a new one if the hole hasn't been elongated buy the mount and light bar moving. A few companies use a through bolt method which is strong and effective but will require the removal of the headliner in some vehicles, which is time consuming and runs the risk of damaging your expensive headliner.


What is a Ditch Light?

The idea off adding Auxiliary lighting to your vehicle for offroad use, or just saftey is always a great idea just how much and where to add it is important. Ditch ligths as many call them are use excatly as the names states, to light the ditches of the road which improves saftey from animals jumping out or just being able to see what you are getting ready to turn into to. Apoc Ditch light mounts attach to hood hinges which is why they are called hood lights in some cases since the attach to the hood hinge and sit just above the hood and cowl of your vehicle. Since the ditch hood light mounts locate the lights higher than your headlight they help to give you a wder father reach than your headlights do. Depending on the choice of light you use with your ditch hood light mounts you can have a spot, flood or a mix of but depending on your desired use of the ditch lights.

Ditch Hood light mounts

Apoc Ditch light mounts are super easy to install at home with basic hand tools. Our R&D department really did wonders to keep install easier than any other companies hood ditch light mounting brackets, Apoc's ditch light brackets mount to the bolts attaching your hood to your hood hinge just loosen two bolts (or nuts depending on vehicle), you dont have to remove the bolts so hood cant fall and cause damage. Once the bolts are loosen all you have to do is slide the Apoc ditch hood light brackets between the bolt and the hood hinge then tighten bolts and brackets are installed. Other companies Ditch hood light mounts require you to remove the bolts to install the hood light brackets allowing the hood to move freely which will require another person to hood the hood so damage is not caused the the hood or the windshield, both are expensive to replace.Adding useful light has never been easier or served so many applications as ditch hood lights will do for you. So get some hood light brackets and be safe out there.


Quality Comes First

All Apoc LED light mounts are proudly MADE IS THE USA right in East Tennesse with local suppliers. Supporting your fellow americans is alway a plus.


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