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Established in 2014, Apoc Industries is an industry innovator and manufacturer of high-end automotive suspension components and light mounting accessories. All components are made at our facility in East Tennessee using locally sourced materials from bushings to the packaging with the exception and a few items. APOC Industries handles everything from designing, manufacturing, machining,  powder coating, and distributing of our products directly to you. When everything in in our control we can offer quality products at a great price with lifetime warranty and 5 Star customer service. 

Our Mission

Apoc Industries has quickly become an industry leader for quality suspension components in the leveled, lifted truck and SUV market. Our goal is to offer solutions, not just another mass produced imported product that will not solve your problems. With the rapid growth of Apoc Industries and demand from our customers, we will be releasing many new products in the coming years to continue solving your issues and make your vehicle a pleasure to drive.

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