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Apoc Off Road LED Light Bars

By Jeremy LaDuke May 08, 2015 0 comments

The key to having a successful climb at night starts with the right off road LED Lights

The formula for a legendary climb is simple, but it’s not always easy.  Whether it’s your first time or whether you are a pro there are three things that add up to make a great ascent: the best route, good traction, and the right amount of momentum.  If you have these three things then your rig will make it to the top. 

Don’t forget these things when attempting an off-road climb.

If the ground is slippery use the highest gear you have.  When you use a low gear you may wind up losing your traction because the spin of your wheels might happen too fast.  A lower gear allows you to get and keep your traction better.  The right amount of momentum is imperative to a good off-road climb, especially in slippery conditions.  Be sure to figure out how much speed you need as you approach the ascent and make sure you ease off as you get to the top so that you don’t over-compensate.  Go through all the ‘worst-case scenarios’ in your head and make sure you can safely get your Jeep back down the hill if things go wrong.  And the most important thing to do is to make sure you have a good route.  

You can’t find the best route at night without good off road lights. 

To find the best route you may need to get out on foot and survey the terrain.  Doing this in the dark with a hand-held flashlight is tedious and it only gives you part of the picture.  When you have great LED lights mounted to your truck then you can see the whole hillside better and get a more comprehensive idea of where to go and how to maneuver.  Things you want to look for include:  obstacles (trees, rocks, ditches), tricky areas that may be slippery or have loose gravel that could cause slipping, and existing tracks and ruts.  If you there are existing tracks then that is your best bet to get to the top.  You want to try to climb the hill straight.  If you have to ascend at a sideways angle you run the risk of sliding sideways back down.  If you get caught in this position you have less control over the vehicle.  However, if you are headed straight up the hill you have more control over the vehicle if you begin sliding.  If there are sideways tracks then that decreases the likelihood of slippage though. 

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