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The Time Has Arrived           Apoc Industries will be hard at it all summer.  We have a lot of ideas and products to get made and out on the market.  A few months back we were fortunate enough to purchase some equipment that has set us on a whole other level.  Our capability to design and produce different mounting capabilities has just become endless.  All of the guys here at the shop are excited and ready to get things rolling.            We have begun to design and manufacture mounts as we speak.  I will be...

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MAKING HISTORY WITH LED LIGHT MOUNTS FOR EARLY BRONCOSThe iconic Ford Bronco has been considered a classic for many years and continues to be just as popular today with its cult-like status among four-wheel drive and car collector enthusiasts alike. What makes this car so special to its fans? Let’s take a look at its early history to find out.The Bronco was initially created in 1965 to serve as competition to Jeep’s CJ5 and International Harvester’s Scout. It was an innovative move, creating a completely new product line for Ford Motor Company and was built on its own unique platform....

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LED lights have come a long way since they were first used as infrared lights for remote controls back in the 1960's.  There are too many benefits of using LED's over traditional light sources to detail in this post, but some of them include: the light's longevity the brightness low-energy instant on durability When you are thinking about LED light bars for your truck all of these factors come into play.  However, today you would be hard pressed to find off road lights that aren't made with LED's.  So, what features should you be looking for to distinguish one LED...

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