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What is an IP rating and why does it mean for my LED lighting?

By josh Smith February 18, 2015 0 comments

Whether you're on the trail in your Jeep or on the water in your bass boat you need to be able to trust your gear.  Worrying about the integrity of your equipment can suck the joy out of your trip fast.  That's why having off road lights with a high IP rating is important.  

IP stands for 'ingress protection'.  Essentially, it rates a component on how well it keeps things out of it.  In our case it's water, dirt, mud, and anything else you can think of.  One example is an electrical socket.  Ever try to stick your finger in one?  Thankfully for you they are given an IP22 rating.  This means they are  protected against insertion of fingers and will not be damaged or become unsafe during a specified test in which it is exposed to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water.  There is a long way to go from an IP22 that keeps fingers out to an IP68 which is water tight.  

The first digit in the rating refers to it's ability to keep solid objects out... anything from dust to small animals or body parts.  The highest rating you can have is a 6, which means that it is 'dust tight'.   The second digit refers to the component's ability to keep water out.   A rating of 1 means that it is protected agains dripping water.  A rating of 8, which Apoc's products proudly boast, means that it is permanently submersible beyond 1m.  So whether you've flipped your boat with an LED light bar on it or you rolled your jeep with our 50"LED light bar on it into a mud hole, you can rest assured that your investment in Apoc gear will pay off with high quality components that can survive the harshest condition.  

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