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Door Jam Roof mount install

Door Jam Roof mount install

All of our mounts have upgraded powder coating that will not fade. The higher-grade, UV Stable on our new powder coating has been tested and ranked higher with salt-spray tests and more durability for harsh environments.

Our Dodge Ram LED Light Bar Mounts offer a quick and painless install. With some basic tools and silicone for waterproofing you can have your light bar mounted in about 30 minutes. For a step by step installation guide watch the video below:

Our kits include 6 rivnuts, 6 stainless steel allen head bolts and some simple instructions. The first thing you want to do is to put the mounts on your light bar and do a test fit to double check the placement of the mounts. You want to make sure that the light does not interfere with your wipers. You do not want to leave this step out. It's easier if you have a friend helping you on the other side.

Once you have the light bar in the right place, mark the holes with a sharpie then center punch them and gradually work your way up with drill bits until you get to a 3/8" bit. Thread the rivnuts into the install tool and apply silicone in and around the hole before placing them in the hole. Hold the nut with a 13mm wrench and tighten the bolt down with a 13mm socket. Don't tighten too tight!

Apply more silicone and then attach the mounts!

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