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A Maryville TN Business Shakes Up The Off-Road Lights Industry With A New Universal Mount

By Jeremy LaDuke May 08, 2015 0 comments

A Maryville TN Business Shakes Up The Off-Road Lights Industry With A New Universal Mount

A small East Tennessee start-up business is making waves in the off-road lights industry with high-end, patented LED light bars with IP 68 ratings & nearly indestructible designs. Their patented 3D optics offer tight spots and floods with high-lumens

Apoc Industries in Maryville TN started out offering custom, high-end, and affordable LED light bars for trucks, Jeeps, and ATV’s and is once again pushing the envelope in design and engineering of off-road lights with their new universal mount.   Before Josh Smith envisioned what Apoc is today he owned Smith Customs, a 10 year old customizing, fabricating, and powder-coating business for the off-road world.  Smith Customs began prototyping and testing LED light bars 3 years ago.  Josh Smith, co-owner of Apoc Industries, saw a large gap between high-end, high-cost LED light bars and brackets, and low-quality, cheap light bars.  "We slowly started testing and prototyping LED light bars and brackets until we knew we had a product we could put our promise behind," said Smith.  With the new LED light bars and brackets that Smith Customs was developing Josh knew that they could offer a high-end product at a price that the average off-roading enthusiast could afford.  Thus was born Apoc Industries.  

The new universal light mount can be used any place. It has 2 pivot points that can swivel 360 degrees and a slotted grove so mounting can be adjusted in even more ways.  Apocs new universal off-road light mount can be used on any vehicle for any purpose. They are great brackets for mounting lights on vehicles that don't have custom made brackets.

Features of the new brackets include: 

  • Laser cut 3/16 steel
  • powder coated texture black for long life
  • 4 pivot points
  • 2 slotted holes for unlimited options
  • Thick steel to eliminate shaking and vibrations

Apoc Industries’ light bars are IP 68 rated, which means they are fully waterproof and submersible.   They have an unbreakable lens, Crees top of the line LED’s with low-battery draw, and patented 3D optics making their LED light bars a high quality and unique truck, Jeep, and ATV lighting option at a fraction of the cost of other high-end light bars. 

Apoc Industries’ patented optics offer one of the best light patterns on the market: a tight spot for superior distance of the light, and a great controlled flood pattern that gives higher than normal lumen output without drawing more amps. Apoc lights have a 5 year “no questions asked” warranty against any LED failure and water intrusion, including condensation inside of the lens. 

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