FAQs & Warranty

  • Warranty  Apoc Industries carries a 5 year unlimited warranty on all Apoc brand products. Our warranty is a NO fuss NO hassle product replacement warranty. Coverage of our warranty pertains to any LED chip failure, and/or any internal failure, also any condensation on the inside of the light is covered as well. All products carried by Apoc from other distributors will be covered under that distributors warranty policy. Please note that if you purchased any Apoc products through one of our dealers you must contact them to start the warranty process. 
  • What is the difference between spot and flood beam patterns?
    Flood beam patterns illuminate at a wider angle with less distance, whereas a Spot beam pattern illuminates at a greater distance with a smaller angle of width coverage.

  • My light isn't working, should I take it apart and troubleshoot it myself?
    Absolutely not! APOC lights are manufactured in a way that ensures no moisture can enter the light. Disassembling can destroy the seal and void the warranty.   Contact your local dealer or APOC directly to resolve this matter.

  • When I connect my light directly to my battery it is at full brightness, but when I run my wire from battery to my light it gets dimmer, why is that?
    In a case like this check the gauge of the wire being used. Incorrect gauge of wire will cause voltage drop across the wire preventing full power up of the light.

  • Is there a color of light that works better in foul weather?
    In foul weather, red lighting is superior to all providing the best vision, but red lighting is bad in most areas due to emergency vehicle usage. Amber is a street legal color that performs well in foul weather such as fog, rain, snow, etc., because it removes blue light waves from the spectrum. Most people up north prefer blue lighting because it bounces light better off snow covered roads and brings the road definition out better. Blue light has short wave length making it the hardest color for the eye to work with, whereas amber light has fewer glares making it less distracting to the eyes, therefore making it a better performer in foul weather.

  • Are your lights as good as competitors even though they are less expensive?
    Absolutely, our lights are comparable to the best out there. We manufacture a high quality product for a price that is consumer friendly. Our product prices cater to the everyday working citizen without a product drop-off.

  • Do I need to have lights professionally installed?
    No our lights install just like any other after market lighting product. So, this can be done in your home garage with minimal effort.