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Make your ride shine on and off road with Apoc light bars for trucks.

By Jeremy LaDuke May 08, 2015 0 comments

Our lights have been put on trucks that could win beauty contests and 

“MEAT & POTATOES” trucks that are all-American chariots of the free world able to crush any obstacle in their path.  So, what we are saying is, our lights look good AND they are tough.  These lights can withstand any condition that you can imagine trekking through off road, and they can turn heads while cruising downtown.  

Don't sacrifice durability for looks with Apoc's light bars for trucks.

All of our light bars are IP68 rated.  This means that the first Apoc light bar you buy will probably be your last... unless you want more than one on your truck.  They have an unbreakable lens, Crees top of the line LED’s with low-battery draw, and patented 3D optics making their LED light bars a high quality and unique truck, Jeep, and ATV lighting option at a fraction of the cost of other high-end light bars.

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