Apoc Color Changing Jeep Wrangler UnderGlow Kit

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Apoc Color Changing Jeep Wrangler UnderGlow Kit

  • (6) 18 LED Color Changing Strips
  • (1) Extensions
  • (1) Bluetooth Controller
  • (1) Pigtail connector from controller to strips

Optional Add Ons

Grill Lighting: Add one 18 chip LED Strip to your kit and make your grill stand out for a aggressive look.

Interior Strips: Add two 9 chip LED strips and one extension. You can place these under dash or under the seats it up to you.


Installing Apoc underglow strip has 38 inches of wire with a connector at each end for easy install, no need to cut and splice just plug and play.

Mounting is even easier, just peel the red plastic off the 3M double sided tape and place where you want. We recommend to clean to area with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil or wax to insure proper adhesion.  

Durabilty is what Apoc does best, just like our light bars these LED strips are waterproof and extremely durable no need to worry about rocks and road debris damaging these LED strip lights.


Here are some things you might not know about Apoc’s LED Underglow lights.

All of our color changing LED lights come with a wireless bluetooth remote control that allows you to change the color any time with ease from your smartphone. There are thousands of different led colors you can pick. You can adjust the brightness as well as the strobe effect. You can also set it to cycle through the colors you choose, or use the disco mode to strobe and change colors to your favorite song. Our under strips will fit any vehicle, motorcycle, ruckus, side by side, just make sure you measure where you would like to put them and find the proper kit in our inventory. And if you need any extra parts we sell each part separate. 

Apoc's Underglow Strips are waterproof and designed with a clear flexible sheath to prevent rocks and road debris from damaging your underglow lighting. Apoc has spent hundreds of hours testing our  underglow strip lights to meet Apoc's strict requirements for durability and waterproof.

Whether you have a GMC, a Jeep (JK or TJ), a Ford, Dodge, or Chevy, Apoc Industries’ unique color-changing underglow lights will make your ride the most talked about setup in the neighborhood. Check out our full line of lights and find the one that fits your whip!