Apoc 4" Leaf Spring Shackle Flip Bracket Kit - Ford F-250/F-350 SD

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Looking to lift your Ford Super Duty but not affect ride quality, or just need more lift than you currently have, these shackle flip brackets are what you are needing. The shackle flip brackets simply place flips the shackle down instead up, creating a 4 inch lift without affecting ride quality and improving pinion angle. Made out of 1/4 Plate steel welded and powder coated for added protection. 

  • Add lift without losing ride quality
  • increase your current lift with a shackle flip
  • better pinion angle with shackle flip brackets

Install Tools Needed:

  • Method to lift vehicle 
  • Torch or method to remove factory hot rivets holding factory shackle mount.
  • Basic hand tools to install Apoc shackle flip brackets.

Install Time:

  • 3 hours
  • Moderate to hard, removing factory rivets is the hardest part.