7" Jeep Wrangler 96-17 Round Color Changing Halo Complete with Housing

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Apoc Industries has listened to our customers request for a pre-built 7" color changing headlight housing, and here it is. After many hours of R&D we have built the best and most reliable color changing halo headlight on the market. We ask you to compare ours to the competition and you will quickly see why our halo headlight is far superior.

Uses an H13 bulb, kit comes with and adapter to plug into a H4 or H13 connector to fit many applications.

HEADLIGHT HOUSING:  First and foremost we didn't sacrifice the headlight quality, the beam pattern and output are exceptional, the reflector is hands down the best looking in the after market world for a DOT approved Housing.

The headlight bulb is a high output H13 which comes with an adapter for an H4 plug to fit practical any vehicle. If you currently have a old style seamed beam headlight this will be an excellent light upgrade for bester night visibility.

COLOR CHANGING HALO: Now to the fun part, color changing halos that is what makes these headlights even better, the halo ring we use have the newest LED technology you can get in color changing options, smaller brighter and lots more of them. 162 chips the be precise which makes an even glow like a CCFL or neon look to them, compare the amount of chips to the competitions and keep in mind more is better! the wiring is plug and play all the guess work is taken out, push lock connectors insure solid electrical contact. Just hook up the power and ground, plug the headlight in and your ready to impress.

As for controlling the color this is what will really make this kit stand out, Your smart phone (Apple or Android) is the remote download the free App and sync via bluetooth and you can chose for thousands of colors, or flash and change color to music.