We use the best CREE LED Lights because when you're in the dark and off the road, quality matters.

CREE LED Lights for Safety on and off road

We have all experienced the problem of low visibility on dark roads when driving, and like many, have even tried to change the vehicle lights in an attempt to make the road easier to see. This lack of visibility is caused by a mix of low position of headlights on cars and a lack of intense brightness of those lights. Drivers are only able to see what is closest to their path because headlights can’t brightly shine in the front of the vehicle, and in some situations this can become treacherous. This is where LED Light Bars come to the rescue. Initially used as infrared lights for remote controls in the sixties, these have come a long way. When you turn the LED light bar on, anything in front of your vehicle is instantly lit up, and you are able to see up to a hundred yards away, much more than your regular headlight would show! The bars are also able to be customized to your vehicle’s specific sizing needs, and have the perfect amount of lighting for each situation you may find yourself in. The LED Light Bar stands out amongst all other lighting systems because of its lightweight build, durable energy, and energy saving abilities.

CREE LED light bars are the perfect dependable aid for all of your on and off road needs and last to fit your specific usability needs. LED lighting is very durable when it is used in small bursts of consumption and low temperature, while high temperature and high consumption life decreases its time of durability. The working life of all CREE LED light bars ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. This means that the working time is about 2 years, or over. Considering that the day is light about 12 hours a day, and then there are 12 hours of darkness, you can increase that time up to 4 years, by turning the lights on only in the dark.  And even then who drives their truck for 12 hours at night?

CREE LED lights are one of the foundations to a great off-road experience.

So now you that you’ve become acquainted with the power and durability of LED Light Bars, lets cover some of the ways it can make your life awesome. Perhaps you like adventure and discovery, you’re an explorer out on the road. Or maybe you want to get a lot of experiences in your travelling, but you get some problems on your journey like lack of light, disorientation, and an all around inability to enjoy the ride because of these. CREE will help you out of the darkness and into the brilliant light of supernatural visibility. The LED light bar will revolutionize everything in your road experience by taking things in a wide range of a hundred yards under your visual control. Instead of wondering if you’re about to drop off a cliff, you will be able to own the drive! Don’t limit yourself to a limited view of the road. These lights can help you master any terrain ranging from narrow streets, to off road adventures in the forest. Our LED light bars are compatible with many different types of vehicles. These include SUVs, UTVs, Jeeps, trucks, sand rails, rangers, Gators, Kubatas, Tacomas, Ranch Buggies, ATVs, boats, buses, and tanks just to name a few! This of course means that many people in different activities and industries can use these LED light bars, including forest trekkers, marine adventuring, emergency vehicles, and law enforcement officers. No matter the situation, you can be sure that Apoc Industries will keep you out of the dark with high powered CREE LED light bars.