LED Headlight conversion upgrade

Apoc Industries is now offering the most advanced factory replacement LED headlights on the market. We all know how hard it can be to see the road at night, now add rain, fog, or back roads with no lines painted anymore and it can be dangerous and stressful to drive. LED lighting is the future of automotive lighting, LED's have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours thats over 5 years constantly on, now translate that to actual usage and it should last a lifetime. When it comes to LED headlights there is a lot to understand.

  • Most LED headlights will cause static on the radio and making your station unbearable to listen to.
  • Some LED headlights will flicker on newer vehicles due to self testing functions in vehicles.
  • Lumens something you need to know, Lumens is the scientific unit of measuring light output, the bigger the number the brighter. Sometimes they are rated as a pair vs. separate which tricks the buyer into believing they are purchasing a brighter light.
  • Fan or No Fans LED's get hot and must have a way of removing heat. Most earlier LED headlights have cooling fans with safeties built in to turn the light off when the fan stops working. Apoc's LED headlights do not have a fan or any moving parts, we use copper cooling ribbons to remove the heat, which mean our LED headlight will last the life of the LED Chip 50,000 hours.
  • Chip Manufacture there are numerous companies out, Apoc only uses the best of the best Osram, Cree, and Phillips in out products. Apoc LED Headlights use Phillips latest patented chips the brightest on the market.
Now use your new found knowledge and you will see the difference in LED headlights, Apoc LED headlights are designed to work when you need them without the extra worries, and make your drive safer.