Apoc Color Changing Halos

Turn heads at your next ride with our color-changing halo lights.

With the same detail and dedication we put into creating the industry’s best and most affordable light bars and brackets, we have created the most innovative and quality line of Halo lights that are around. Whether you’re on the trail and need some extra light or you’re on the town and want to show off your ride Apoc Halo lights pair well with any vehicle.

Here are some things you might not know about Apoc’s Halo lights.

All of our color changing LED lights come with a wireless remote control that allows you to change the color any time with ease. There are 16 different led colors in each halo. You can adjust the brightness as well as the strobe effect. You can also set it to cycle through the colors. Our Halos will fit many vehicles, just make sure you measure where you would like to put them and find the proper size in our inventory. And you don’t even need any extra parts! APO color-changing halos are installed into your existing headlight housing.

Whether you have a GMC, a Jeep (JK or TJ), a Ford, Dodge, or Chevy, Apoc Industries’ unique color-changing halo lights will make your ride the most talked about setup in the neighborhood. Check out our full line of lights and find the one that fits your wheels!


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